Blended Learning Strategy Development

Our strategic planning and implementation solutions involve taking organisations through the journey of planning and implementing a “next practice” approach to take them to this next level. We implement and manage the change for organisations, and give them the capability and capacity to remain agile into the future.

Strategic Planning and Implementation Solutions

Our solutions solve the following “how tos” for organisations:

  • How to change their operations, workflows and systems to best position themselves to meet demands in the near future.
  • How to remain viable and competitive whilst still delivering excellent education, when operating costs increase and there is a tightening of budgets.
  • How to keep up with rapid technological changes, including new delivery modes, new work structures, and changing cost structures.

Capacity Building

We build an organisation’s capacity by:

  • Reviewing the current operating system and processes, and implementing a new streamlined, efficient infrastructure, which includes technology and system integrations and process improvement.
  • Working with highly experienced change management and education consultants to provide you with the support, roadmap, processes and tools to see and do things differently, better, and at lower cost.
  • Training, coaching and mentoring staff on how to implement the innovation to create
    a sustained outcome.

We truly understand change management, which is why we support and train your staff to ensure they have the capacity and capability to sustain the change, so that it becomes embedded into the organisation.

We help you build products and courses by:

  • Developing an organisational Digital/Blended Learning Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Developing Product/Course Development Framework and Strategy for creating viable courses
  • Developing a new product/course workflow and processes and launch plan

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