Just One Learning Management System For Everything RTOs Need

Spend too much time on laborious, non-value-adding tasks?
Tasks falling through the cracks?
Want to be leaner and run your business more efficiently?
Want to take learning to the next level without breaking the bank?

Intuitive. Smart. Powerful. Truly Mobile.

Purposefully Designed and Built for the Australian VET Market
CirculateRTO is a premium Learning Management System (LMS) built in a virtual learning environment used by 1,000+ registered organisations worldwide. Designed to motivate student collaboration and manage learning outcomes, CirculateRTO is the most powerful way for VET organisations to teach.


What makes CirculateRTO unique is how it focuses on the process, and not on the data. Getting data has never been the problem; the problem is to get it to the right person on time. Circulate takes into account a student lifecycle & how RTOs operate, making it easier than ever to ensure your organisation is compliant and efficient. This Learning Management System is also LTI and SCORM compliant.
This smart piece of software makes it ridiculously easy for you to add new courses with one click, reach thousands more students without a crazy overhead cost, and eliminate time wasted on non-value-adding tasks. Circulate helps RTOs increase operation efficiency and productivity significantly, allowing you to scale and grow your business faster than ever before.
Thanks to Circulate’s powerful mobile capability, you can freely manage your work on the go. View student and trainer information, assign classes, or even create reports from your phone or tablet. It also means that your student and staff can access their learning & assessment materials anywhere, anytime, on any devices!
“CirculateRTO has definitely become a strategic asset to our operations.”



Our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature allows you to pull student data from student management systems such as VETtrak or aXcelerate, without ever leaving the platform. You can then create classes, associate units, issue resources and class schedules, all in one place.

The typical time lag between training activity and data entry is therefore reduced significantly, as RTOs only need to enter the student data once and the rest is automated (based on the customised workflow that you have decided on). Easy API integration with external tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft is readily available.


Circulate is a life saver when it comes to coordinating tasks between departments or getting students to perform a specific task and stay on track.

Students, trainers, and staff are instantly notified when they have a specific task to complete, and can only view the data that is relevant to them. In addition, the system neatly prevents skipping of any step in the process – now you no longer have to worry about the risks of overlooking tasks or missing deadlines! No more micromanagement needed, now you can devote your time to other value-adding tasks.


Circulate enables you to manage students intuitively, with a range of built-in features to streamline the commencement process and course progression of each student.

Mapped specifically to the Australian vocational curriculum, the system allows you to create multi-qualification courses, take electronic attendance, send students alerts, and even generate electronic record of achievement with units that match VETtrak data.

Sophisticated dashboard reporting tells you exactly what you need to know, whether it’s how a certain student or trainer is progressing, or which areas require more attention.


Easy access to information in real time and generate your own reports. Circulate logs information immediately as it happens and all items are time and date stamped for record keeping and fact checking. Audit time has never been easier!

You can also export reports and logs to Excel for further analysis, allowing for more meaningful reporting of data. Circulate can also give VET managers sophisticated dashboard reporting.


Circulate gives you a critical competitive advantage – the ability to offer a much more relevant, engaging, and fun learning experience for your students in the digital age. The system is built to encourage bite-sized, self-paced learning, making it perfect for all types of learners. It is possible for each student to have their own personalised learning journey (and at the same time for you to keep an eye on their progress).

We have also equipped the system full of advanced student-centric features to foster collaboration and social learning, e.g. live chat, Facebook-style news feed, video noting, webinars / live sessions, shared book library, social media integration,.. and more.

More tools and features are added in the system regularly. That means existing clients get new upgrades automatically, and for free!



Circulate puts you in the driver seat. Now you can be sure that the process and learning plan that you put in place will be followed to a T. Adopting CirculateRTO is like having your very own in-house development team (which is full of Microsoft and Amazon alumni) because we can customise the system the way you want it. You dream it, we make it happen.

Circulate comes completely white-labelled, so that you can customise your own branding and use your own domain name. This smart LMS lets you blend the same unique elements of your teaching materials into the look and feel of the entire platform.

“We are very excited to have Circulate in place and eliminate most of the cumbersome, paper-heavy routines. We know it’s the right tool to take us to the next level!”