Our Solutions

Circulus Education offers an end-to-end solution that uniquely brings/matches together the right strategy, with the right technology, with the right content, to create engaging student learning experiences that get results and is a happy user experience for the student.  We then support them in implementing, training and embedding the solution into their organisation.

Our products and services include: SaaS virtual learning platform, an automated/workflow management system, pre-made content, content development services, training courses, implementation services, change management services, strategic planning services.

Our Approach

We are currently experiencing a time where education is changing in ways that have never been seen before. Finding your way through this change requires greater agile and creative thinking, and business models need to reflect this. Thinking differently is the key to thriving in this competitive market. We support organisations in transitioning their business model and thinking to be more proactive and creative. This allows them to be competitive and successful in the future market space. To do this we adopt 3 key approaches to problem solving and finding innovative solutions. These are “Design Thinking”, “Systems Thinking”, and our “Next Practice” innovation model

 Each client is different

 “We give clients the capacity and capability to deliver online and blended courses while still ensuring quality outcomes for the learners”

Circulus walks with each client through the whole journey of change towards digital / blended education. We have a full suite of services that are tailored to their specific needs: strategy & implementation consultancy, cloud-based (SaaS) learning management system, digital teaching resources, and staff training.

Our background as educators helps us understand our clients’ pains and challenges better than anyone.

Our rigorous framework ensures we develop tools and resources for clients quicker and more cost effectively.

To understand what each client needs we will undertake a consultative process with you and your team so we have a clear picture of where  your organisation is already, this will include an assessment on the following:

  • Pedagogy and Assessment Outcomes
  • Organisational Frameworks: Processes and Policy Frameworks
  • Technology and Systems
  • Learning Resources and Tools
  • Staff Capability and Capacity
  • Costs & Funding

Once we have a clear picture of where your institution’s current state of operations is at, we will recommend and work with you to implement a Next Practice framework which will assist in taking your organisation to the next level.

Benefits of Embedding Digital Education

For your organisation

  • The engaging learning experience, as it has been created with the teacher and student in mind.
  • Reduced operational duplication and waste and increased institutional revenue.
  • Integrated, cost effective, and easy to use cloud and mobile based technology that supports the organisation, staff and students, while minimising your I.T expenses.
  • Ability to administer and pull real time reporting Minimise compliance risks and compliance expenses.

 For your teachers and trainers

circulus education elearning digital solutions

  • Have the ability to teach your students to become great learners.
  • Teach with less stress and operate only from a space of passion.
  • Spend your time where it is most valuable by supporting your student through there journey.
  • Work with digital learning and assessment  resources that will support your delivery.
  • Experience more fulfilment from your role and the industry that you work in.

For your students

circulus education elearning digital solutions

  • They will develop more confidence in their ability to learn.
  • Improvement of the student and trainer relationship.
  • Each student will be given the opportunity to experience learning relevant to their learning style.
  • They can collaborate, socialise and engage with each other students and facilitators through our exceptionally easy to use cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The LMS also supports mobile learning, so they can use the system anywhere, anytime.Students will become more employable due to their excellent learning experience.