K-12 Schools Solutions


Circulus partners with schools that require assistance in transitioning to the next level of educational excellence. We provide bespoke solutions to meet your needs with technology platforms, digital learning, and customised content and assessment.

We adapt your learning and assessment strategies to take advantage of the digital solutions and compliment this by providing training to your staff to ensure they are confident in adapting their training approach.

We will support you in implementing these solutions into your organisation on time and within budget by providing project management and change management services.

Benefits of Embedding Digital Education

Benefits for your school:

The learning environment in the second decade of the 21st century is changing from a traditional content focus to enabling the development of customised learning opportunities for all students, where learners are central, technologies support learning and there is an inherent community of collaboration.

Circulus have created a range of services to support and assist your institution achieve:

  • Greater student completions and outcomes.
  • The ultimate learning experience, as it has been created with the teacher and student in mind.
  • Reduced operational duplication and waste.
  • Integrated, cost effective, and easy to use cloud based technology that supports the institution, staff and students, while minimising your I.T expenses.
  • Ability to administer and pull realtime reporting from an exceptionally easy to use cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Cut the need for updates or additional applications because it’s all in the one place.
  • Minimise compliance risks and compliance expenses.
  • Reduce operational expenses and increase institutional revenue.

Benefits for your teachers

Passionate educators endeavour to develop a technology rich learning environment where student voice and the tailoring of education to the needs of the individual are central to classroom activities. Professional development that expands the teacher’s pedagogical practice and professional thinking about contemporary learning is paramount to the implementation of a flexible, personalised approach to changed classroom practice.

Circulus have created a range of services to support and assist your teachers achieve:

  • Professional learning series pathway, which is our “next practice” professional development series.
  • Consultancy services, including pedagogy, curriculum and learning resource review.
  • Exceptionally easy to use cloud based Learning Management System, that will allow teachers and trainers to collaborate, socialise and engage with each student.

These services will empower you to:

  • Have the ability to teach your students to become great learners.
  • Teach with less stress and operate only from a space of passion.
  • Spend your time where it creates more value to your students.
  • Work with exceptional learning resources that willsupport your K-12 “next practice” education methodology.
  • Experience more fulfilment from your role and the industry in which you work.


Benefits for your students

The student of today requires a learning environment where they are immersed in authentic, real world problems, utilising multiple disciplines, approaches and perspectives , ways of working, habits of mind, integrated assessment and a reflective academic community.

Your students will benefit from you working with Circulus through:

  • The development of strong, cooperative student and teacher/trainer relationships.
  • The opportunity to experience learning relevant todiverse learning styles.
  • Collaboration, socialising and engaging with other students and facilitators through our exceptionally user-friendly cloud based Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Mobile learning, supported by the Circulus LMS, enabling access to the system anywhere, anytime.
  • A greater sense of self-value with the opportunity to develop a reflective and personalised learning experience.