Free Webinar: 2015 The Year of Change for Vocational Education



The vocational education & training (VET) sector in Australia is set to go through some major changes in 2015. Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, 28th January 2015, from 10-11am (Melbourne time) as our panel of industry experts discusses what’s happening in the VET space, what we can expect to see this year, and some of the anticipated opportunities and challenges for RTOs this year.
We will look at the year ahead from different perspectives and see how the new changes will affect different levels and functions within a training organisation – compliance, data, IT, and operations.
Our panellists will also address best practices and tips on how to lighten the admin load, streamline workflow, and manage changes in a chaotic environment.

This webinar is ideal for: C-suite, RTO Managers, Operations Managers, Compliance & Data Managers.

Lori Dyer, Head Programme Manager, Circulus Education
Genna-Leigh Adamiec, former National Operations Manager, MWT Institute
Chris Enright, Director, RTO Logic
Sophiel Lanham, National Operations Manager, Futurum



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