Top Trainer Tips to Drive Online Engagement

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The trainer’s role is critical to learning, whether in the face-to-face classroom or online. It is well known that trainer-to-student, and student-to-student (social presence) interactions are a critical component of learning. They are also an important factor in learner satisfaction, which results in learning effectiveness, higher retention and completion rates.   To drive engagements and retention of student, the following …


Sneak Peek At The Future: 2015 Horizon Report – K12 Edition

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Although the full 2015 K-12 Horizon Report is anticipated to be finished by June this year, an early preview of this report was already showcased at the CoSN’s annual conference this week, offering educators a sneak peek into the future. This interim report identifies the 16 technologies that are shaping and transforming K-12 education and a vision of the students …


Don’t Smile Until The Easter Bunny Comes!

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“Remember, when you see somebody at the top of the mountain, it’s unlikely that they fell there.” — Unknown In this article, I’ll discuss relationships in schools. Luckily, this is nice safe ground for Teachers to explore. After all, we value relationships in schools quite highly. Sure, there’s some variance in just how valuable we perceive them to be, but …


Flipped Learning: What It is & Why Everyone is Talking About It [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  Flipped Learning has been around for many years, however it has increased in popularity as the internet and mobile devices are becoming more accessible, making access to information easy and abundant. Coupled with the stronger need to shift pedagogy away from the traditional industrial format, educators have looked to flipped learning as a solution that allows education to be …

Flipped learning launch event

How to Flip Your School – Flipped Learning Program Launch

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Circulus Education held a Flipped Learning launch for schools on September 11, 2014 at RMIT University. Annie Agnew, leading Education Expert and Consultant at Circulus Education, led the keynote speech. The event was aimed to launch Flipped Learning within Australia and also discuss the many solutions it can present for schools and educational providers. The concept of Flipped Learning is …

FL Launch

Flipping The Way We Practice

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Reorganisation of in-class and outside class activities.  Realigning Class Time One of the core goals for teachers is ensuring that the time spent in class is maximised for learning, and that it is productive and meaningful for their students. The Flipped Learning pedagogy focuses on an intentional reorganisation of in-class and out of class activities – potentially tripling the time …

orchestra practicing music through flipped learning process

Flipped Learning? Musicians Have Been Doing it for Years…

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You’ve probably already heard the catchphrase “flip your classroom” thrown around a few times in the past year or so. Educational buzzwords go in and out of fashion, but are often overly self-explanatory – think “inquiry-based learning”, “BYOD” or “student-centred”. Flipping your classroom is certainly one of the more popular, newer methods for teaching. But it’s certainly not a new …


Flipping for Successful Learning: The Big Picture

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Flipped Learning – Turning Learning Inside Out   As we progress rapidly into the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, questions continue to be raised about how education addresses the ever increasing demands for change, integrating emerging technologies, and maximising the possibilities for every student. Teachers are searching for ways to focus on engaging students in authentic, …