How can EDUonGO take Learning to the next level?
For your organisation:
  • Low initial costs and cost predictability: In the past, organisations needed to buy, build and then maintain their IT infrastructures, now, all you need is the internet, and we take care of the rest. We implement, host, maintain and update EDUonGO for you for a monthly subscription. This lowers the cost of hardware, software and people you need to manage. The result allows you focus on building your business.
  • Deliver Scalability and Mobility: Gone are the days where organisations were restricted by locations and class sizes. EDUonGO is the ideal solution for organisations who want to deliver education interstate, regional or to remote areas. It allows you to deliver your courses internationally, nationally or anywhere you wish. Additionally, the EDUonGO infrastructure allows you to scale your student numbers without the extra cost to IT. EDUonGO is optimised for mobile use, which allows employees and students to use their mobiles devices to manage their work and learning. EDUonGO is available anywhere and on any device, which allows you to deliver your courses anywhere and anytime.
  • Risk Mitigation and Security: Instead of worrying about data security and running data centres, why not leave it to the best in the field. EDUonGO utilizes the Amazon EC2 infrastructure to ensure it provides the best of the best to their clients and the team at EDUOnGO ensure it has robust security features in place to give you the comfort that your data is in hands of professionals.
  • Streamline operations and Integration: EDUonGO enables organisations to move from paper-based, labour intensive operating models, to an automated, efficient model which reduces costs and increases the ability to expand your markets and scale your business and increase student number you can facilitate at any one time.


For your Curriculum and Content Developer:
  • Curate content: Developing quality content against progress pedagogy is an expensive time consuming task. EDUonGO gives you the capability to curate already made excellent resources into an engaging learning experience for you student.
  • Use Responsive, multimedia content: EDUonGO allows you to take advantage the latest trends in learning resources and assessment techniques from html5 content, E-books, podcast, video and a lot more.
  • Develop once and deploy and version control: trying to manage and keep your learning resources up to date is a difficult task, with EDUonGO, you can simply and easily maintain your content and keep on top of the changes.


For your teachers and trainers:
  • Increase your student Engagement and outcome results: Spend more time on providing individual attention to your students and let technology delivery the information and content for you. This allows you to spend more time supporting and mentoring your students. EDUonGO. Gone are the days when your students were interacting with their course in isolation. EDUonGO gives you the ability for you to develop open dialog and collaboration around your multimedia content and assessment.
  • Reduce dropout rate and create a Full Virtual Learning Environment: You do not need to have separate social sites, wiki sites and webinar technology anymore to make learning easier for your students. With EDUonGO you can have all your tools in one simple place. Your students will able to attend virtual lectures/webinars, share new information easily, socialise and collaborate easily in one place. You have all the reports and data to identify student that are at risk, so you can engage with them on a one to one basis more easily and from anywhere and at any time.
  • Achieve results and accommodate flexible learning styles: As we know, students have many different learning styles which need to be accommodated for. This can be a challenge for teachers and trainers, so EDUonGO gives trainers the ability to deliver their content different mediums and allows students to study at different speeds, learn and be assessed by different methods.


For your students:
  • Social & learning communities: There is nothing worse than a studying in isolation and feeling alone on their journey. With EDUonGO, students are able to socialise with each other, support each other through their learning, and collaborate so they feel engaged, supported and have fun with their course. EDUonGO is designed with the students at the centre, it is optimised for the students to interact easily with each other, the teacher and their learning resources to ensure they feel motivated to achieve.
  • Bite Size Learning: We are all pressured today for time, and we do not have the time anymore to sit for 3 hours to study. EDUonGO is designed with bite –size learning in mind. Students are able to engage in short bite-size modules that can be completed in short periods of time.
  • Access anywhere and anytime: EDUonGO gives students the ability to learn and assess on the go. All they need is an internet connection and a mobile devise!