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EDUonGo, built with student learning in mind
All the tools you need to make learning easy


EDUonGo offers a blended, interactive,social collaborative experience that is easy to use. The system is intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-compatible, and has the ability to be customised to meet specific needs. It is easily and readily integrated into other systems and has strong learning and reporting features.

EDUonGO not only enriches the teacher and student relationship with the ability to stay connected anywhere, anytime, it also provides an amazing online learning experience where the teacher and student can either work together one-on- one or in a group context.


EDUOnGO is fully cloud based and leverages the elastic load balancing functionality of the Amazon Web Services. This means you can enjoy the comforts of incredible speed, security and scalability. Being cloud based ensures you are always up to date with the latest features, functions, bug fixes.  Another advantage of being cloud based is that EDUonGO is device and operating system agnostic.



EDUonGO Packages come with unlimited storage and bandwidth for clients. While students have the luxury of having 2GB of storage. If that is not enough, EDUonGO already integrates with Google Drive, One Drive, and Drop Box.

Each user can organise their documents within the 2 GB of free storage. Users can create folders to organise their files, and move them between folders easily. Files in My Documents of teachers can easily be added to your courses, and shared with your students.



White label you EDUonGO system by customising your colours, logo, domain, and layout. Purchase a variety of pre-made themes. Stamp your own personality on EDUonGO. All labels and field can be changed to meet your needs.  Our theming feature marks a major leap towards our goal of becoming the WordPress of eLearning! Thanks to some very talented web artists, new design selections for EDUonGo are available to our clients.



We are integrated with Microsoft cloud-based products such as One Drive, Office Mix and OneNote. Have an Office Mix presentation video you want to include in your lesson? No problem. You can now do an internal search within EDUonGo and upload presentations directly into your lessons.

Extend EDUonGO with new features and integrate it with your ERP, CRM and HR software, Web conferencing tools, Social Networks, CMS, and more!

With EDUonGO open APIs, you are able to integrate and connect with other software systems with EDUonGO.



Create a course in minutes! We make building courses easy. Use our course builder which gives you step-by-step instruction on how to create your course or pick one of our existing templates to start. You can even make your own course available to others as a template!



Developing quality content against progress pedagogy is an expensive time consuming task. EDUonGO gives you the capability to curate already made excellent resources into an engaging learning experience for you student.  EDUonGO allows you to take advantage the latest trends in learning resources and assessment techniques from html5 content, E-books, podcast, video and a lot more.

Develop once and deploy and version control: trying to manage and keep your learning resources up to date is a difficult task, with EDUonGO, you can simply and easily maintain your content and keep on top of the changes with content and assessment banks to curate and create new courses from.



Videos can be added very easily to the session by using the video URL or uploading an MP4. Videos within EDUonGo can use our Video Noting Feature that allows users to put questions and comments in the timeline of a video that display to the viewer as the timeline progresses. Students can easily interact and communicate with each other as they watch a video.



This is a rich feature that encourages collaboration between students in the context of an e‐Book. Books go through a simple approval process in which the Administrator of your school must approve a book prior to publishing to the Library. Books can also be embedded into Lessons and Sessions within Courses. E-books can become interactive by embedding videos, iFrames and other modules by using HTML5. Users can easily highlight and take notes inside their books.



EDUonGo is proud with the flexibility it offers in the assessment types and the workflow. Once the student submits the assignment, the instructor can access it digitally and grade it (even from their mobile device). The instructor can even give instructions in video format for the student to view prior to completing the assignment. Students can upload a variety of files types including multimedia – great for assessing practical skills of students. Students can upload more than one file type. Students can write their assignments online with advanced text editing and formatting features.


EDUonGO and advanced quiz functionality with a wide range of question types ranging from multiple choice, matching questions, fill in the blank to short paragraph and much more.



Teachers and trainers  can view submissions, grade assessments and provide feedback to students. Feedback can even be given on at an individual question level.  Student receive alerts when assessment scores and feedback is ready. They are able to see their results and progress through the assessments.

Through the rubic function, trainers and teachers are able to speed-grade assessments and provide feedback on specific assessment criteria.



Instructors can create and customise their own rubrics to make grading quicker, clearer and more objective and associated with Learning Outcomes. Grading is done within the system with no downloading of documents required. Additionally, we have also included the option of allowing grading for offline assignments. When grading is done, students are provided with instant feedbacks.



EDUonGo’s integrated learning outcome function allows assessments and quizzes to be connected to competencies, making assessing easier. It always the organisation to analyse assessment results based on learning outcomes and see trends on how students are performing on specific outcomes.



Measuring students’ learning outcome has become increasingly important. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or online, this new feature will allow you to implement learning criteria across the whole school/organization for each individual class. Administrators will be able to enforce standards such as Common Core and individual teachers will be able to create Rubrics for their specific assignments that follow the standard.



Spend more time on providing individual attention to your students and let technology delivery the information and content for you. This allows you to spend more time supporting and mentoring your students. EDUonGO. Gone are the days when your students were interacting with their course in isolation. EDUonGO gives you the ability for you to develop open dialog and Collaboration around your multimedia content and assessment.


Instructors can easily embed Discussions at various points throughout the Course where students must participate and respond with comments in a forum style discussion. Instructors can assign points to Discussions as well to be part of the assessment process.



Users can contribute to the course discussion, and collaborate with others. Users can post a note available for all to see. Others can “like” and add comments. It’s a great place to post updates, questions, share files, videos, and other media. Users enter screen names, handles, email addresses, and/or web addresses for the various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype, through which other users can contact them.



Teachers can now assign students into specific groups within a course. Instructors can choose which materials to give to which groups based on their levels. This feature is especially helpful for courses that require students to do group projects.



This feature allows students and instructors to immediately see when logged in how many others in the same course as them are online. Students can chat amongst themselves, ask questions and discuss the topics as they go through the course materials.



Trainers/teachers can easily create live sessions (webinars, chat events, Skype video chats,..) that students can join in remotely. Instructors can share their screen and communicate in real time with students which make the learning experience much more interactive. Instructors need to record the live session first and then either upload the video into a session or embed it



The desktop is a virtual-hub where you can access everything you need to manage your courses, users, content, files, and more. Each major capability has its own Tile. In fact, your own IT department can create your very own Tile and APPs in the form of plug-ins and applications.



EDUonGo supports cross-platform Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), aiding organisations to create a self-contained learning ecosystem by integrating external learning applications and allowing a seamless experience for students who gain access to these rich applications.



Available to Teachers and Administrators. You can view, download, and print activity reports for student & class activity or can customize reports specific to your SMS needs: Reports cover; users, courses, assignments, quizzes, and discussions, last login dates and much more. A standard report will show how many of each type of activity there are, how many were completed, passed, and a student’s performance.



EDUonGO has all the standard e-Commerce functionality already built in containing: Course catalogue, payment portal, ability to link to external credit card facility.



Circulus Provide the client support for all Australia based clients. That means you a single person who you can contact any time during office hours, and have 24/7 email support. If you have a critical event coming up and are nervous e.g. running your first live webinar through the system, we can have the team on standby to help you through the process.