Early Childhood Education & Care Training Package


CHC30113 Online by EDUongo


Education is always changing, with greater expectations placed on providers to constantly innovate and create greater outcomes for students.

Organisations are often working with limited budgets and need to keep costs sustainable, while still delivering quality education. Our technology solutions allow YOU to be flexible and agile, and keep up with the changing landscape, while still being cost effective.


International Child Care College (ICCC) is one of the country’s leading content developers for Early Childhood Education and Care. Their resources include the award-winning ‘Working in Children’s Services’ textbook series by Karen Kearns (published by Cengage Learning), Get Set Assess Assessment Toolkit for CHC30113 and CHC50113 and the ever expanding ICCC Video Portfolio.

Combined with over 20 years’ training experience, ICCC truly understands the demands and complexities of delivering Early Childhood Education and Care courses.


The EDUonGo Learning Management System (LMS) offers a blended, interactive, social collaborative experience that is easy to use. The system is intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-compatible, and has the ability to be customised to meet specific needs. It is easily and readily integrated into other systems and has strong learning and reporting features.

With EDUonGo, it is now possible to teach or learn anywhere, anytime. EDUonGo enriches the teacher and student relationship with the ability to stay connected anywhere, anytime. It also provides an amazing online learning experience where the teacher and student can either work together one-on-one or in a group context.

Early Childhood Education and Care On-line using EDUongo


Complete Course containing all the Theory, Workplace Tasks
Enriched Learning with embedded videos, audio files and images
Integrated Vital Source e-texts, along with links to all the core readings
Step-by-step instructions for easy navigation.
Strong reporting features Progress reporting Grading

Other Features

  • Cloud-based
  • Social and collaborative features including in-built webinar
  • Flexible and customisable
  • Online content storage
  • Integrates seamlessly with most student tracking systems



  • A scalable, accessible and streamlined business operating model.
  • The ability to deliver qualifications to a large volume of students in various locations at an affordable cost.
  • A sound education and pedagogy model that ensures quality outcomes.
  • A social, mobile and cloud technology infrastructure that puts the learner and teacher/trainer at the centre of focus.
  • High quality digital (online) learning and assessment content based on an industry relevant curriculum.


  • Skilled teachers who are able to deliver “next practice” engaging courses.
  • High student retention and low drop out figures.
  • Students who are engaged and own their own learning.
  • Graduates with strong employability skills.
  • The operating cost the organisation is reduced and streamlined.
  • Greater availability of time for the teacher or trainer to develop opportunities to further enhance the educational experience for the organisation, as well as for the learner.
  • Flexiblity to deliver the required volume of learning

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