A LMS that is easy to use, and takes care of your compliance!

“There is nothing like it. We couldn’t find any existing software that solves the laborious, compliance-heavy process of RTOs in an intuitive, holistic manner; so we set out to build one from scratch”  

CirculateRTO, a smart and flexible premium education solution
Designed to keep RTOs training compliant
Turn your face-to-face delivery paperless
Reduce data handling and errors

By combining the powerful flexibility and scalability of EDUonGo and the VET-specific capabilities of CirculateWORKFLOW, we are able to equip you with one system that cuts down your delivery and operational costs significantly.

This is the LMS that truly highlights the student learning experience, giving RTOs the much needed time to focus on controlling your processes, and value-adding activities.


CirculateRTO is a proud Australian innovation built specifically for the Australian VET sector. Designed to keep VET providers compliant.

CirculateRTO is an out-of- the-box, cloud-powered workflow software that connects different parts of an RTO, enables the organisation to centralize its data into one easily accessible area, automate the business process based on management of a student life-cycle from expression of interest through to completion, and provide sophisticated data analytics to improve performance.

CirculateRTO is built to focus on processes that are specific to the VET industry, and on a student life cycle from enrolment through to completion.

This is the system that gives you back the time and capacity to focus on what truly matters: providing a great learning experience for your students and growing your business..

 “It will be a big step forward to transform vocational institutions into paperless, innovative entities.”

Key LMS Integration Features

  • Streamlines communication between training and data teams
  • Provides real time information about your students progress
  • Everything you need to manage your students
  • Easy to integrate with leading Student Management Systems
  • Paperless attendance sheets
  • It simplifies laborious, compliance-heavy process of RTOs in an elegant, holistic manner

CirculateRTO enable Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to improve their operational efficiency significantly, reducing human errors and eliminating time wasted on non-value- adding tasks. Circulate integrates seamlessly with virtual learning environments such as EDUonGo and data management systems such as VETtrak, aXcelerate and Wisenet, allowing data to be pushed through the entire student life-cycle more quickly and effortlessly.

Simplicity and efficiency with all-in-one platform

CirculateRTO accommodates everyone: students, trainers and assessors, data and admin teams, and senior management.

Task Automation and paperless workflows

CirculateRTO is designed to help VET organisations stay compliant and efficient, by automating routine tasks in a student’s life-cycle.

Sophisticated Integrations

This complete solution lets you manage an LMS, a workflow application, and a student management system, with one single sign on.