About Circulus


Circulus Education are an end-to-end, e-learning/online solutions provider for education institutions, uniquely improving their digital learning experiences/courses to drive student engagement and results.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to change the way we think about education. We harness technological improvements to expand the boundaries of online education to make education more affordable and accessible to all.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2012 in Melbourne and was born to solve one problem: to help education companies succeed in the rapidly evolving online learning space.

After spending many years being frustrated by the lack of innovation and poor online learning experience, we decided to launch Circulus Education to help our clients create engaging learning experiences that puts the student back at the centre of learning.

Circulus was established to meet the growing necessity for education organisations to transform their business models, technology and thinking to be more agile and creative. We manage and implement change in organisations who want move their current practice to contemporary, engaging, next practice learning models. Our clients come from vocational education & training and schools markets

Today we are one of the fastest growing online education consultancy business in Australia who focus purely on the education market and not corporates. We have developed our unique methodology and framework which is purposely designed to help progress our clients to the next level in education excellence.

Meet the Leadership Team

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.53.30 amNathan Ryu

Nathan is the Founder of Circulus Education. Nathan saw a need to improve the way education providers utilise technology and digital solutions in their courses. They saw a gap in the market to drive quality of learning through technology. Nathan brings over 12 years experience in high level entrepreneurial experience, building and leading successful teams.


 Caroline Brock

carolinebrock_circle Caroline is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Circulus Education. Caroline has always been involved in education: from high school teaching through to managing a UK-based training and development organisation. She has worked in education industries UK, USA and now Australia, focusing on developing and implementing quality education programmes that leverage technology innovations and sound pedagogy.

  gennaGenna-Leigh Adamiec

Genna is our Head Programme Manager. Genna has been working in the education industry for over 7 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge in managing large training providers and managing the implementation of complex projects. Genna’s role is critical in ensuring every client’s journey with us is as smooth and pain free as possible.


 Amy Lee

Amy is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator and ensures the Circulus’ marketing strategy is focused on lead generation, lead nurturing, and brand engagement to drive commercial samyuccess in Australia. A major part of her role is coordinating our hugely popular events – Industry Drinks, Webinars and Masterclasses, which attract hundreds of RTOs around Australia.



Our Team

We provide you and your team with support throughout the process of implementing our digital education and operational framework. Our service is designed to empower you and your team so you that you have sustainable operations. So who are our team?

Education Consultants

Well respected educators with a wealth of experience who work with our clients to design the ideal solution for them. They are dedicated to implementing innovative and sustainable practices into an organisation, while energising teams and establishing a collaborative culture across different levels of departments. The focus is on developing strategies with leaders, to challenge current practices, inspire new and innovative processes, and to leverage new approaches to pedagogy that reflect contemporary thinking.

Digital Content and Creative Team

Working on all things creative and visionary with a commitment to exceptional results. Their attention to detail, while still maintaining cost-effectiveness, goes hand in hand with maintaining the consistency of intuitive user experience. The team comprises of Learning Designers, eDevelopers, Editors and Graphic Designers – together they ensure your student’s learning experiences are engaging, fun and meaningful.

Project Management & Client Services Team

A team of exceptional collaborators with a high acumen for managing client relationships. Committed to working with you to maximise your potential and facilitate smooth implementations, your Project Manager is at your service to help every step of the way. They identify where you can maximise and capitalise on the opportunities that our solutions provide.

Development Team

From the initial phases of business analysis and requirements gathering, through to the systems architecture, customer support and training, our development team is unparalleled in its ability to deliver customised solutions. They are responsible for driving and managing the technical brilliance behind our technology solutions, and focus on delivering solutions that match our client’s needs