Recap: 2015 VET Industry Drinks (Melbourne) March 16

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On Monday this week, Circulus Education had the privilege to host the Melbourne session of the 2015 VET Industry Drinks with our amazing partners – RTO Logic and Cengage Learning Australia. The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with excitement.


Conscious of wanting to ensure a quality time for all attendees, we had put a limit on registration and only released tickets to 85 registrants. It worked out well: the event was well attended with approximately 60 attendees. It could have been that many of us were eager to talk about the many challenges of trying to have it all as an RTO – achieving business goals, compliance requirements and new changes to the standards, ensuring high student outcomes, scaling and growing, and so much more. It could have been that it was a great chance to network with other industry leaders and get up to speed on what’s new in the VET space.

Whatever the reason, we certainly couldn’t wait to get talking. Nibbling on a selection of delicious Asian-inspired finger food, sipping a glass of wine, everyone appeared to have a good time, and business cards were flying.


The second part of the event was kicked off by Caroline Brock, our Managing Director at Circulus, who welcomed all attendees and introduced our first guest speaker, Anna-Louise Allen.

Upfront and honest, Anna-Louise brought with her a wealth of experience as a powerhouse in conducting audits of training organisations for the Victorian Qualifications and Registration Authority. She presented on the 2015 Standards for Registered Training Organisations (made under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011) and the key changes for HESG contracts this year. Generous as ever, she also shared examples and tips on possible areas of non-compliance that RTOs should look out for.


Following Anna-Louise, we had another short presentation delivered by Génna-Leigh Adamiec, our Head Programme Manager at Circulus. Génna-Leigh discussed the common priorities that occupy the RTO mentality – and in doing so, she pointed out that along the way, the focus on students somehow can take a back seat.


A very interesting short clip on a school held under a bridge in India was played. Génna-Leigh brought forth the argument that we – as educators – can and should put the students as our number 1 on our priority list. For many in the audience, this seemed to strike a chord, as changing and empowering lives was the reason why many of us got into this vocation in the first place after all.


Although technology and tools certainly can be the answer to how we can save more time (that is often wasted on non-value adding tasks), it is crucial that there are other factors that have to be put in place: people, intention and vision, course structure and delivery plan, content, processes and operational structures…


We were glad to see that our short presentations certainly sparked a lot of questions (and answers!) from the audience – much was talked about: blended learning and its practicality in the Australian VET sector, the importance of pre-training and training processes, how we can get smarter about recording evidence, demands of the digital age, and so on.



The VET Industry Drinks series were started with a different format, as we wanted to spark and nurture important dialogues in the industry among professionals who cared about the student experience; and we were thrilled to see that our first Melbourne session has served this purpose well. Many attendees stuck around until late, deep in conversation.


We would like to extend a warm thank you to all for coming, and a special thanks goes out to our partners Cengage Learning and RTO Logic for hosting and sponsoring this event. We look forward to our next industry drinks meetup and hope to see you all there!

We also have a small survey (which only takes about 2-3 minutes to fill out) and would love to hear your thoughts on what we’ve done well and what could have used a little bit of improvement. Please click here to access the survey – we’d really appreciate it!

The March VET Industry Drinks was held at 58 Rupert Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066. We started at 4.30pm and closed at 8.00pm.

– To learn more about our next event or to register to be a guest speaker, please click here to contact us.


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