Circulus Education Disrupts The Australian RTO Market with All-in-One Learning Management System

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Melbourne, VIC – Circulus Education today announced the official release of CirculateRTO, their highly anticipated all-in-one learning management system (LMS) that is built specifically for the vocational education and training (VET) market in Australia.


The Circulate LMS is intended to enable Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and other VET organisations to improve their teaching and operational efficiency significantly, reducing human errors and time wasted on non-value-adding tasks. Circulate offers both a virtual learning environment and an automated workflow management system in one elegant, easy-to-use piece of software. It is said to integrate seamlessly with student management systems such as VETtrak and aXcelerate, allowing student data to be processed quicker and with better accuracy.

There is nothing like it. We couldn’t find any existing LMS that solves the laborious, compliance-heavy process of VET organisations in an intuitive, holistic manner; so we set out to build one from scratch.” said Caroline Brock, Managing Director of Circulus Education. “It will be a big step forward to transform Australian vocational institutions into paperless, innovative entities.



Circulate’s ability to take attendance electronically and at face-to-face sessions is considered one of its most popular features with VET organisations


CirculateRTO is a cloud-powered learning management system (LMS) built upon the virtual learning environment EDUonGo. Circulate connects all different parts of an RTO, enabling training providers to not only offer an engaging and collaborative learning experience but also to take control of their workflow. No more time wasted correcting human errors and data duplications, now you can leave it to the system. Instant notifications are pushed out automatically to the right person in charge, based on a student lifecycle from expression of interest through to completion.

Circulate allows multi-qualification courses to be created, competencies to be deemed and assessed, trainers assigned, and attendance taken electronically. In addition, the cutting-edge LMS also provides sophisticated data analytics and customised reports to improve business performance – making audit time less stressful than ever. For a sector that is notoriously compliance-heavy and has to deal with constant changes like VET, a smart LMS such as Circulate could really make a big difference.


The current solutions on the market are built to manage data, but data is rarely the problem. Australian RTOs require competency-mapped, intuitive automation of the entire process” said Caroline Brock. “Circulate is specifically designed to keep vocational providers compliant and to free up their time so they can focus on building the business.

It’s smart, beautifully designed, easy to use, and it can cut your operational costs down by approximately 25-30%. We are seeing a lot of interest from the market for this LMS.

CirculateRTO-Flowchart How CirculateRTO integrates with SMSs such as VETtrak – click the image to view full size

Circulate has already been adopted by three RTOs in Victoria, with many more said to anticipate its official release in early 2015.

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