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PART I: Are you ready to Introduce Flipped Learning into your RTO?

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Here is a simple, but comprehensive three-part series Health Check for RTO and VET Practitioners who are interested in flipping their practice.  It is essential when implementing this learning strategy to benchmark your RTO against best practice.   What is Flipped Learning? We at Circulus Education often get asked what the definition of “flipped learning” is. To be clear on …


Recap: VET Industry Drinks – Student Engagement & Compliance in Online Learning.

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Circulus Education, in partnership with RTO Intelligence, kicked off 2016 with the first Industry Drinks Event of the year – held on Thursday the 18th of February in Melbourne. We often get asked countless questions around improving the student experience in online learning, so we decided to answer all your questions – by revealing the secrets to Student Engagement & …

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5 Ingredients for Blended Learning Success

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    As we know, the VET landscape is an ever-evolving one, as is the technology landscape. This makes it hard for RTOs to keep up with the changes. It is frustrating, time consuming and at times, exhausting. But this is our current situation, and as a VET community, we need to learn to review, adapt and improve our course …


Transforming Your Organisation: 3 Lessons From Running

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Over the last year we’ve had the pleasure of working with many reputable Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to “go live”. It may be that the RTO needs a new learning management system that works on all devices. Or they need to implement a specific blended learning model. Or a new digital delivery strategy. Or streamlining the internal workflows and eliminating …


Making Blended Learning Work in VET

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In recent years, we have seen more and more Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) evolving their teaching by incorporating blended and online delivery modes. Blended learning, hybrid education, flipped learning, digitally-led teaching,.. whatever you choose to call it, the new wave of digital evolution is making clear headway, as RTOs realise the benefits that this has brought them. A few …

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Knowledge On Demand: Enabling Continuous & Pervasive Learning

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Living in an on demand world certainly has changed the way we expect to be able to access information, data, entertainment, and learning. People are no longer prepared to sit patiently through commercials or listen to a CD from beginning to end. We expect to access what we need, what we want, and what we enjoy directly, without any mental …


Searching For The Perfect Spaghetti Sauce

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In this article we look at discussing flipped learning as a perfect recipe, taking food for thought from the story told by Malcolm Gladwell in his famous TED talk on “Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce.” Teachers and students can be said to fall into three broad categories: those who like their “spaghetti sauce” (aka flipped classroom experiences) plain, those who …


Flipped Learning: What It is & Why Everyone is Talking About It [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  Flipped Learning has been around for many years, however it has increased in popularity as the internet and mobile devices are becoming more accessible, making access to information easy and abundant. Coupled with the stronger need to shift pedagogy away from the traditional industrial format, educators have looked to flipped learning as a solution that allows education to be …


Going Off The Grid – Rethinking How We Teach

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By Lori Dyer On October 10th, we walked into Geoff’s Shed, where TEDxMelbourne 2014 was held, with great anticipation of what was to come. What was “Off the Grid” going to entail? There were obvious references to outer space in the propaganda that came out a few weeks prior to the event, but what else? What does it mean to …


My Learners are not Technologically Savvy

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We may live in the 21st century, yet something I hear quite often from educational providers is that “my learners are not technologically savvy” or “they don’t really use technology”. Another common statement I hear is “my learners are remote so they don’t have access to technology”. I have heard this so often now and every time I do, I cringe!!!   …


Getting Around The Barriers: Five Steps to Success

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The education industry is a wonderful place to be in. Those that love it, truly enjoy training, teaching, mentoring and learning. They enjoy helping people develop new skills, generate awesome learner outcomes, and they have a passion for learning and development in general. The industry is rife with many challenges however. Since the start of the year, I have had …

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How to Flip Your School – Flipped Learning Program Launch

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Circulus Education held a Flipped Learning launch for schools on September 11, 2014 at RMIT University. Annie Agnew, leading Education Expert and Consultant at Circulus Education, led the keynote speech. The event was aimed to launch Flipped Learning within Australia and also discuss the many solutions it can present for schools and educational providers. The concept of Flipped Learning is …

The Concept of “Homework” in Vocational Education

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The very thought of the word ‘homework’ makes most people cringe. It conjures up images of people of all ages burdened with piles of work that they must carry home and complete or face the consequences! But this word, that has followed me since my school days, is here to stay. Or is it? We still have homework in schools …

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From Chaos to Clarity: Vocational Education Training in a Changing World

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Technology, Content and eReadiness in VET Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia has experienced forces of change driven largely by economic forces and emerging technologies. The changes require a review of competencies to meet shifting needs of the workforce and are reflected in the VET National Training Network, the National VET e-Learning strategy and the IBSA Vet Capability Framework. …

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Flipping The Way We Practice

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Reorganisation of in-class and outside class activities.  Realigning Class Time One of the core goals for teachers is ensuring that the time spent in class is maximised for learning, and that it is productive and meaningful for their students. The Flipped Learning pedagogy focuses on an intentional reorganisation of in-class and out of class activities – potentially tripling the time …

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Flipped Learning? Musicians Have Been Doing it for Years…

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You’ve probably already heard the catchphrase “flip your classroom” thrown around a few times in the past year or so. Educational buzzwords go in and out of fashion, but are often overly self-explanatory – think “inquiry-based learning”, “BYOD” or “student-centred”. Flipping your classroom is certainly one of the more popular, newer methods for teaching. But it’s certainly not a new …


Flipping for Successful Learning: The Big Picture

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Flipped Learning – Turning Learning Inside Out   As we progress rapidly into the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, questions continue to be raised about how education addresses the ever increasing demands for change, integrating emerging technologies, and maximising the possibilities for every student. Teachers are searching for ways to focus on engaging students in authentic, …

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Light Bulb Moment for Learning: The Secret to Flipped Learning

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Flipped Learning is a way to transform and enrich the learning experience for both teachers and students. The “flipped classroom” refers to a form of blended learning in which the students learn online by themselves, typically at home, and homework to be done in class with teachers and students discussing. Principal Greg Green, one of the key pioneers of the …